Japanese Language Translation Services
We undertake translation projects involving varied subjects. We are committed towards high quality translation services.
Working language pairs:
Japanese > English
Japanese > Marathi
Japanese > Hindi
• Fields of working
 Technical level translation in the fields of Computer technology, IT, Software, Computer hardware, Web development and localization etc.
Working level translation in the fields of machinery, Civil engineering, Automotive, Audio & Video, Electronic and household appliances, Stocks and Shares, Investment, Finance, Installation / operation / maintenance and safety manuals, Construction etc.
General Translation in the fields of Social Sciences, Literature, HR, Education, Certificates, Correspondence letters, Tourism, Accounting, Banking, Financial, Logistics, Shipping, Warehousing, Catering, etc.
• Experience
We have a vast experience of handling translations involving a variety of subjects. We have worked with many reputed companies as well as agencies from Japan, India, US, China and other countries.
We have handled documents like Financial reports, Investment and Market research documents, All kinds of certificates (Marriage, Birth, Death, Shares, Academic), Machine user manuals, Web content, Software manuals, Business Letters, Technical specifications, Drama scripts etc.
We can also provide services like transcription, audio translation, and subtitling.
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